Howdy. I'm a designer and illustrator.

I got a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, which is not the school with the football team.  

I've spent the career part of my life doing a little bit of everything - from magazine layout to bashing out zillions of shareables in a day - and I find that's my favorite way to work anyways. I like digital and analog, getting things done fast and being methodical, minimalism and sequins. 

I grew up in San Diego, lived in Little Rock for six years, and moved to Chicago in August of 2016. I completely love it here. Besides taking improv classes and performing, I spend the smidgeon of free time I have left time reading, watching movies, and illicitly straightening my roommate's pictures on the fridge.

If you want even more information about me, feel free to read this long list of results from Buzzfeed quizzes I took when, apparently, I used to have an appalling amount of time on my hands. 

Here is a google map I put together of all the truly good donuts I've found in Chicago thus far.