I sell books two ways.

As the Digital Marketing Designer at Moody Publishers, I make all the things our marketers’ hearts desire to use for selling books.

In practice, this breaks down to two types of work: house marketing, and book marketing.

House marketing means making all the pieces to promote company-wide sales, and ads for the house itself (like catalog pages). Book marketing means creating between 20-75 pieces for each book, normally starting 2 months before release, and continuing pretty robustly into the first year of the book’s published life, and then sporadically beyond.

book marketing

Centered in the visual voice of the cover, the goal here is to build a comprehensive family of assets for marketers to use and sell the heck out of a book.

Headers, shareables, and launch team graphics for an author’s social outlets. Print and digital ads. Emails. Giveaway swag. All focused on (fingers crossed) getting folks to hear about and (fingers crossed harder) buy the book.

house marketing

House marketing means monthly sales on our website, and a normal campaign involves making social headers, shareables, website heroes, and a couple emails. However, no day in our year is bigger than good ol’ Cyber Monday, and in 2018 we added digital ads for partners, weeks of lead-up social posting, and 20+ email variants to the normal load.

To this day I’m super proud that–instead of jumping in to “ooo this would be so cute!! Now how do we make it work?” territory–the marketing manager and I focused on working within the parameters of our platforms, so everything would be easy to implement and fool-proof technically, and then I came up with cute visuals. (A dream process, for sure.)

The marketing photographer and I kidnapped co-workers and made them hand models. I did watercolor lettering and converted all the phrases to vectors. Then I used those assets over and over to make 1 billion gifs, postcards, and emails. And then we just watched the dollar bills rolllllllll in.